Question from a Reader

Bill Carey
19 July 2021.

“Would you happen to have the number of LODDs in 2019 and 2020 where the cause of death was the primary and secondary effects of fire?”

The reader is looking for firefighter fatalities caused by fire itself or the immediate effect of fire.

There are 12 on-duty deaths in this date range. One death in the results is questionable, but since the victim was in a position looking for the fire’s extension I added it to the results.

2019. Seven deaths.

Iowa. Trauma due to an explosion during a silo fire.
Maine. Assuming Burns (USFA lists Other) due to a narrative of “deteriorating conditions,” “blocked by fire,” and shielding another firefighter with his body, during an apartment fire.
Illinois. Crushed due to collapse while in the doorway of a house during a fire.
Illinois. Asphyxiation due to collapse of interior stairs during a commercial structure fire. The narrative says the victim was on a ladder on the burned through stairway and later found at the base of the stairs, so cause of death due to collapse may not be 100% accurate. We do not know if the victim was disoriented or fell.
Maine. Trauma due to gas explosion at a mixed use structure, while on the scene of a gas leak.
Massachusetts. Burns due to being trapped inside an apartment house.
Colorado. Trauma due to a fall off an icy roof while checking for access to fire at a condominium. This one is questionable but we can assume that if there was no indication of fire extension into the roof area the victim would likely not be on the roof.

2020. Five deaths. One multiple fatality incident (1,2).

Missouri. Asphyxiation due to floor collapse at house fire.
California. Asphyxiation due to running out of air, after becoming disoriented, searching for victims in a library fire.(1)
California. Asphyxiation due to running out of air, after becoming disoriented, searching for victims in a library fire.(2) An investigation later revealed that this and the previous one were arson.
Pennsylvania. Crushed due to collapse of porch roof during a house fire.
Michigan. Asphyxiation due being caught in a floor collapse at a duplex fire.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

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