Question from a Reader

Bill Carey
9 January 2022

“I’m in a class with people from around the state and we are just getting into some safety things and some misleading, in my opinion, numbers. I’m looking for the number of firefighters who died operating inside structure fires for the previous 10 years that were related more so to operations rather than cardiac/overexertion.”

Here is a general breakdown of traumatic firefighter fatalities while inside a burning structure:

2021: 8. 140 total as of 13 January 2022. Total number is expected to be updated.
(Specific interior numbers for 2021.)
2020: 6. 102 total
2019: 7. 64
2018: 7. 86
2017: 1. 93
2016: 4. 92
2015: 8. 91
2014: 11. 97
2013: 23*. 109
2012: 5. 85
2011: 11. 87

* includes 9 from one incident in West, TX and 5 from one incident in Houston, TX

It should also be stated that the USFA totals for each year vary +/- 1 to 4 depending on yearly reports and the online database yearly numbers, when looking at the same year.

Photograph courtesy of pixabay.

Published by Data Not Drama

Data Not Drama is writings that provide a point of critical thought about firefighter fatality data and education, line of duty deaths, and risk. The main focus is to encourage less risk aversion and better knowledge on the subject of firefighter fatalities in firefighters, fire departments, and fire service organizations.

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